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The Official Homepage for The Most Honourable Christian Knights of the Rose

Please look below for prayer requests from members and friends of the Order. 

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POSTED 2002 December 2nd 

Dan Winger, GPKRUS … 

Asks that you keep in your prayers the family of his friend and former colleague, Deputy Sheriff David Powell. David, at age 42, was shot and killed when he responded to a hostage situation. He was an outstanding officer who was awarded the Medal of Honor for Bravery during his career. 

POSTED 2002 October 1st 

Brent Spencer, GMKR … 

Asks that you keep in your prayers Reverend Larry Fish, Field Director of the Jakarta Office of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, Christian missionaries and all Christians living and working in Indonesia. Presently, Christians in Indonesia confront tremendous persecution. 

POSTED 2002 October 1st 

Members of the KoR … 

Ask that you keep in your prayers Lillie, whose daughter was brutally murdered. Presently, the sex offender who is the prime suspect in her murder is living at large and free to harm more children. 

POSTED 2002 September 20th  

Miranda Brown, LdyR-in-waiting… 

Asks that you keep in your prayers her brother Michael. Presently, Michael is suffering from scoliosis which threatens to end his career in the U.S. Navy. 

POSTED 2002 September 12th  

Michael Walsh, ChKR, Brent Spencer, GMKR, & Members of the KoR … 

Ask that you keep in your prayers Chev. Paul Grant. Presently, Chev. Grant is suffering from a focused and determined campaign of character assassination and harassment by an anonymous party. As a result of such attacks, he has resigned from his position in the KoR as Grand Prior of the United Kingdom. 

POSTED 2002 September 10th & 11th nbsp;

Sir Dan Winger, GPKRUS, Robert A. Crutchfield, ChKCR-DSR, Michael Walsh, ChKR, Brent Spencer, GMKR, & Members of the KoR … 

Ask that you keep in your prayers all those who were adversely affected by the appalling terrorist attacks of September 11th of last year. As well, the people of the United States, and all of those in uniform who are now in Afghanistan and elsewhere risking their lives to protect the world from terrorism. Presently, a U.S.-led coalition is fighting the evil men who perpetrate such attacks and those who continue to support and shelter them. 

POSTED 2002 August 15th  

Shaun McCann, ChKR… 

Asks that you keep in your prayers his friends Jim and Jenn. Jenn, after being hit by a police car that was speeding towards the scene of an incident, suffered serious injuries. Presently, the City of Calgary is charging her so, after fighting for her life, she with her husband will now have to fight the charges in court. 

POSTED 2002 August 10th  

Sir Dan Winger, GPKRUS, … 

Asks that you keep in your prayers the families of Ben Wolf and his nephew Shane Zotigh. At only 20 years of age, Shane was murdered on the 7th of August 2002 in Long Beach, CA. A good young man, Shane left behind a 4 year old son and another child that is on the way. Presently, the suspect in his murder has not been caught.

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