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International Club for Templar Studies ~ Application Form

This form will be processed in the Club Chancery and you will be notified in a week about the decision taken regarding your application. If positive, you will be assigned an admission officer who will be your link within the Club. 
The three stages in membership are: 

  • postulant, once your application had been approved;

  • associate member, after you have completed your first assignment you may choose to remain at this level;

  • full member, usually conferred after six months or the successful completion of the second assignment.

Please address any inquiries to All fields in blue are mandatory.

Section A - Personal Information Section B - Contact Information
First Name Last Name Street Address
Religion Occupation ZIP Code City


Gender Telephone# State/Country


Section C - Questionnaire
1. How long have you been interested in the Knights Templar?
2. What are the main points that raised your interest?
3. What special abilities of computer design, Internet, leadership, community service or administration do you have?
4. Can you think of any specific activities you would like to develop?
Would you like to study any specific subject?
5. Please mention three reasons in favour of your application.
6. What languages are you familiar with and to what degree?
7. Please mention your other activities related to the Knights Templar, including membership in other organisations.
8. Please recommend three other persons who might be interested in joining, their name and email address. Feel free to make short comments why you think they would like to join ICTS. Your answer to this field does not have any bearing on your own application.


By signing this form, in my own name, I submit this application to the Chancery of the International Club for Templar Studies, and agree to observe the Statutes, Regulations and authority of the Officers and Council, having read the above said and found them according to my will. I realize that should I not fully observe the above said, I may lose my membership and any privileges acquired through it.