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The Official Homepage for The Most Honourable Christian Knights of the Rose

Chronology of Important Dates in the Order’s History

In the year of Our Lord…

2003 August 24
  • A meeting is held by the Order's Alberta Commandery at the home of Orlando DeLong. Discussions include the obligations and expenses of the Alberta Commandery, oblations and gifts to the Order, acquiring new insignia for the Order, plans for a Canadian investiture in 2005, and various fund-raising proposals.

    Those in attendence include Chev. Brent Spencer, GMKR, Chev. Orland DeLong, GPKR (Canada), and Dame Bonnie Felker, Acting Secretary.
2002 August 1
  • The Order's Grand Priory of England and Wales is expanded to include the rest of the United Kingdom. Henceforth to be known as the 'Grand Priory of the United Kingdom' or 'British Grand Priory'. In effect, the command of the Grand Prior of England and Wales, Chev. Paul Grant, is expanded.
2002 July 13
  • The Order's first investiture service is held at MacDougall United Church. Her Excellency the Lieutenant Governor of Alberta, Dr. Lois Hole, attends as the guest of honour. The following attendees are formally inducted into the Order:
    Chev. Brent Spencer - inducted as Grand Master
    Chev. Orland DeLong - inducted as Grand Prior for Canada
    Chev. Peter Curley - inducted as Grand Marshal for the Order
    Chev. Mark Douglas - inducted as Justiciar for the Order
    Dame Esther Douglas - inducted as Medical Seneschal
    Bishop Kyrill - appointed Chaplain General for the Order
    Rev. Chris Tolton - inducted as Alberta Commandery Chaplain
    Msgr. Shaun McCann - inducted as Calgary District Chaplain
    Dame Bonnie Felker - inducted as a Lady of the Rose

    The following appointments are read during the service:
    Chev. Paul Grant - Grand Prior for England & Wales
    Chev. Dan Winger - Grand Prior for the United States
    Chev. Misha Zigas - Grand Prior for Australia
    Chev. Neil Currey - Grand Prior for New Zealand
    Chev. Eric Vincent - Registrar General
    Bishop Robt.Crutchfield - KCC Texas Commandery
    Chev. Mike Kimball - KCC California Commandery
    Chev. Martin Knox - Chief Constable - US Grand Priory
    Chev. Wm. Cornell - Ambassador at Large - US Grand Priory
    Fr. John Kroll - Chaplain in the Texas Commandery
    Prior Anthony-Michael Walsh - Chaplain
    Rev. Alasdair Harding - California Commandery Chaplain

    After the investiture service, inductees, guests, gather for dinner at the Edmonton Petroleum Club with the Lieutenant Governor.

2002 July 12

  • The Order's vigil service of its first invesiture is held at MacDougall United Church in Edmonton, Canada. Those in attendence that are to be formally inducted as members of the Order include Brent Spencer, Orland DeLong, Mark and Esther Douglas, Peter Curley, Bishop Kyrill Esposito, and Rev. Chris Tolton. The service is jointly conducted by Bishop Kyrill and Rev. Tolton. After the service, attendees enjoy an evening social at the Officers' Mess of the RCMP Headquarters in Edmonton arranged by Peter Curley.

2001 July 04

  • The Order is granted its charter by Bishop Peter Compton Caputo, who gives his patent seal of authority to its statutes in Annapolis, MD, U.S.A.

2001 June 01

  • The Order's constitutional statutes are brought into effect by the founding members of the High Council. This includes Brent. R. Spencer of Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada, Mark S. Douglas of Jamestown, ND, U.S.A., Dan Winger of Lakewood, CA, U.S.A., Eric Vincent of Saskatoon, SK, Canada, and Paul Grant of London, England.

2002 May 06

  • An impressed seal of the Order is applied to a document of friendship as to formally conclude an alliance between the Order and the Order of the Sword of England.

2001 April 27

  • The Order receives apostolic blessing from His Grace the Right Reverend Peter Compton-Caputo, Bishop in the American Anglican Council.

2001 January 10

  • The Order is iniated by Brent Richard Spencer of Fort Saskatchewan, AB, Canada.

    Office of the Grand Master - Knights of the Rose, P.O. Box 3423, Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada T8L 2T4,(780)992-7248

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