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The Official Homepage for The Most Honourable Christian Knights of the Rose

Welcome to the Official Homepage for The Most Honourable Order of Christian Knights of the Rose! It is hoped that you will find this site to be an informative source on the above-stated Order and chivalry in general.

The Most Honourable Order of Christian Knights of the Rose (KoR) was created at the beginning of the third millenium with the intent of upholding values that precede the second millenium. That is, Christian standards of conduct known simply as ‘chivalry’. A ‘Code of Chivalry’ was never really written down, but passed down through the ages. Old stories of Camelot, Charlemagne and Crusader Orders like the Knights Templar all added to its being. The KoR was created with the belief that the need for chivalry is as great today as is was in those older times in which these stories take place.

Some may question whether chivalry is relevant in today’s world. However, from a Christian standpoint that concerns itself with the spiritual well-being of mankind, we can see that this modern age of ‘moral relativism’ and ‘progressive ethics’ has has yielded little good. And yet, too many people, quick to chide the Crusades, knightly tournaments, and other feats of arms of the Middle Ages as bloody and immoral, seem to forget that our modern age with two World Wars and countless genocides has been the bloodiest yet seen in human history! Indeed, as the tragic events of late continue show, the world is in many ways a more dangerous place than it was in the Ages of Chivalry. Indeed, the need to unite together in common defense of the weak and innocent is as strong as ever. The KoR hopes to serve as a banner for such unity.

Thank you for visiting this page. Be sure to look through the site for more thorough information on this new order of chivalry and its development-to-date!

Office of the Grand Master - Knights of the Rose, P.O. Box 3423, Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada T8L 2T4,(780)992-7248

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