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The Official Homepage for The Most Honourable Christian Knights of the Rose

Listed below is a basic outline of how the Order is organized. For more detailed information, please view the Order’s Constitution listed in the ‘Archives’ section of this Web Site.

Geographic Structure of the Order

The Order:          Includes the entire international membership
                         + Governed by the Grand Master & The High Council +
Grand Priories:    Generally laid out along national boundaries but
                          may be more inclusive
                         + Governed by a Grand Prior +
Priories:              Laid out as national boundaries or smaller sub-units thereof
                         + May be governed by a Prior or Grand Prior +
Commanderies:   Sub-units usually structured along Provincial, State, or Shire
                          boundaries or groupings thereof
                         + May be governed by a
Commandant or Prior +
Chapters:           Based in locales of concentrated groupings of members

Rankings within the Order

Master Knight or Grand Dame
Knight or Dame Commander
Knight or Dame Officer
Knight Chaplain  + A special rank designated for clergymen who enter the Order +
Knight or Dame Member
Squire or Lady-in-Waiting

Executive Positions within the Order

Grand Master:  Requires the Rank of Master Knight
Grand Prior:     Requires the Rank of Master Knight
Prior:               Requires the Rank of Knight Commander
Commandant:  Requires the Rank of Knight Officer
Postulant:        Requires a petition for membership

Administrative Positions within the Order’s High Council

Grand Seneschal:  The senior counselor or advisor to the Grand Master
Justiciar of the Order:  The legal advisor to the Grand Master and High Council
Registrar General:  Responsible for assisting in collecting and archiving membership
Grand Marshal:  Responsible for good order and discipline, especially for ceremonies.
Chaplain General:  Responsible for directing the spiritual guidance of the Order.
Chief Herald:  Works with the Grand Master in the design and implementation of
                     heraldic symbols.
Chancellor:  The chief financial officer who oversees the Order’s business

Lesser Administrative Positions

+ Chamberlains + Hospitallers + Chaplains
+ Standard Bearers + Treasurers + Couriers
+ Captains of the Guard + Secretaries + Stewards
+ Sword Bearers + Armourers + Marshals

The Hierarchy of the Order Consists of Six Grades

1) The Office of the Grand Master
2) Convent of Master Knights
3) The High Council: + Master Knights + Grand Dames + Justiciar
                              + Registrar General + Chaplain General + Secretary General
                              + Chancellor + Grand Seneschal+ Chief Herald+ Grand Marshal
4) The “Arc of Steel”: Seven appointed senior knights, four of which are members of the High
                               Council. The Arc of Steel protects Order property and treasury savings.
5) Knight and Chaplain Members:  This includes “The Ladies Council” for Dame Members.
6) Postulants:  Squires & Ladies-in-Waiting

Special Designations & Honours

Dagger Sub Rosa: Held by members of the Order who have bona fide credentials and service
                            experience in military, law enforcement, or church organizations that
                            involves intelligence or investigative work.

Office of the Grand Master - Knights of the Rose, P.O. Box 3423, Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada T8L 2T4,(780)992-7248

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