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The Official Homepage for The Most Honourable Christian Knights of the Rose

A Lexicon of Special Words & Abbreviations Used By the Order

    GMO - Grand Master's Office
    GMKR - Grand Master, Knights of the Rose
    CGKR - Chaplain General, Knights of the Rose
    GSKR - Grand Seneschal, Knights of the Rose
    GPKR(UK) - Grand Prior
    (in this example, of the United Kingdom)

    DCR - Dame Commander
    KCR - Knight Commander
    MKR - Master Knight of the Rose
    (most often will be a Grand Prior or
    member of the High Council of the Order)

    DOR - Dame Officer
    KOR - Knight Officer
    LdyR - Lady of the Rose (Dame Member)
    KtR - Knight Member

    DSR - Dagger Sub Rosa (special designation for those members with bona-fide military, law-enforcement, or church related investigation or special operations experience)

    SW - Spiritual Warrior - those with special training, experience, or assignment as exorcists, intercessory prayer masters, or counselors.

    Order - Refers to this order of chivalry

    In reference to other military & chivalric orders:

    O St J - Venerable Order of the Hospital
                   of St. John of Jerusalem
    SMOM - Sovereign Military Order of Malta
    O St L - Military & Hospitaller Order of
                   St. Lazarus of Jerusalem
    MCOS - Military & Chivalric Order of the Sword of England
    KTJ - Knight Templars of Jerusalem
    OStMAA(PL) - Order of St. Michael the Arch Angel

Office of the Grand Master - Knights of the Rose, P.O. Box 3423, Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada T8L 2T4,(780)992-7248

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