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The Official Homepage for The Most Honourable Christian Knights of the Rose

Symbols and Insignia

The Rose as the Order's Symbol

            The rose has long been used as a symbol of love based, obviously, on its beauty. It has also long been used as a symbol of secret service. Research shows this extends back to the Roman era. Commanders holding a council would on occasion place a rose on the table before his officers to state that what is said in this room stays in this room. It symbolized confidential or secret trust. During the middle ages a practice evolved whereby secret information or caches of arms were hidden beneath a rose bush and the latin terms "sub rosa" (beneath the rose) and the term "dagger sub rosa" came to symbolize investigative and secret service. The rose, and a dagger behind a rose, are still used to represent the intelligence services of the British and American military.

           Within the Knights of the Rose, the postnominal 'DSR' is thus used by members who have bona fide experience and/or training in investigations, intelligence duties, or special operations. The Order uses, therefore, a rose over its "Cross of Honour" and the motto "Armis Sub Rosa" (chivalry under the rose). This has two applications. First, that the order of chivalry was developed by those with the above noted backgrounds. Secondly, that its chooses to aid missions of choice without fanfare, which is essentially secret charity. Each member of the Order is honour bound, by their own choice, to all go forth into this world and make it a better place to live in - by the standards they live by and the acts of charity they perform to the glory of God's kingdom. The rose symbolizes this highly private commitment.

Insignia, Regalia, and Accoutrements

         It is recommended that each Commandery and each Priory office purchase and display a shield charged with the Order's "Cross of Honour". Such shields can be purchased blank through Museum Replicas Inc. or custom painted through the Office of the Grand Master It is also recommended that each Grand Priory office establish a kit shop of items for sale to its members, a sample of which should be sent to the Office of the Grand Master for its reference, promotion to other Grand Priory Offices, and for museum display.

        The Marshal of the Order is charged with encouraging and enforcing the protocol of wearing and displaying Order regalia. Likewise, Marshals of the Grand Priories are delegated the same responsibility in their national care. Standard Bearers will be appointed or elected by their Commandery executive and will be responsible for protecting and properly displaying Order flags.

A Cross of Merit is being designed to recognize special contributions made to the order by members and non-members. It will feature the Cross of Honour being suspended by a purple ribbon with four yellow stripes.

The Grand Cross is a high award for merit. It features the Cross of Honour subset by a silver starburst.

The Grand Cordon is designed for wear by Grand Priory Masters, Deputy Grand Master, and Grand Master. It is still in the design stage.

Dagger Sub-Rosa; this is an insignia featuring a crusader's dagger set behind an heraldic rose. It may be worn or displayed on cards and stationery by those members who have a bona-fide service history involving intelligence or investigative work in a military, law enforcement, or church related role. Internally, the member may use the post nominal DSR to indicate their personal qualification within the Order.

Sword of the Word; This is an insignia featuring a flaming crusader sword held upward and with an open bible beneath it. This may be used by members who identify themselves as Spiritual Warriors, such as those involved in exorcism, evangelism, healing ministries, & mission work. (Chaplains may use this as a general rule).
Arms and Symbols of the Order

The Knights of the Rose will be represented by a combination of the following:

- A scroll with the motto: Armis Sub-Rosa
- A badge featuring a crusader sword set beneath an heraldic rose
- A shield of purple with a gold border and charged with a Maltese cross of lavender outlined in gold.
- Over the shield, a long-stemmed red rose
- Over the shield & rose a crown

Office of the Grand Master - Knights of the Rose, P.O. Box 3423, Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada T8L 2T4,(780)992-7248

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