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The Official Homepage for The Most Honourable Christian Knights of the Rose

Below are questions that are often asked of officers and member of the order. For more information, or if your particular question isn’t answered here, please contact an officer in the Order. Their e-mails and addresses are listed in the 'Officers' section of the page.

1) What is The Most Honourable Order of Christian Knights of the Rose?
The Most Honourable Order of Christian Knights of the Rose is a traditional military order of Christian chivalry and dedicated to the ideals thereof.

2) Is there any other name or names that the Order is known by?
Yes. The Most Honourable Order of Christian Knights of the Rose is often referred to by members simply as the KoR or, alternatively, The Knights of the Rose, or simply, the Order.

3) May a man or woman of good character of any Christian denomination become in a knight in the Order so long as he fulfills his or her membership obligations?
Yes. So long as your personal beliefs and those of your denomination to not prohibit you from joining the Order.  Certain Christian denominations advocating pacifism such as Mennonites and Quakers may not wish to join an organization devoted to the physical as well as spiritual defense of the Christian Church. Please refer to the ‘Membership’ section of this page for details on membership requirements.

4) May I join if I am already a member of another chivalric or fraternal Order?
The KoR encourages members of other Christian chivalric Orders to join its ranks. This may include neo-Templar orders, Hospitaller orders, national and local military and law-enforcement fraternities. The Order does not encourage Freemasons into its ranks or any other anti-Christian fraternities . The Order’s ties with other chivalric bodies is at the discretion of the Grand Master.

5) Are there certain Christian denominations that are more likely or less-likely to endorse the mandates of the KoR?
Yes. While it is difficult to determine what every Christian denomination believes with tens of thousands of them throughout the world, based on experience, we in the Order believe that, generally speaking, most Catholics, Eastern Orthodox Christians, Anglicans, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, and certain Episcopalians will feel at home in this Order. On the other hand, Mennonites, Quakers, Pentecostals, those of the United Church, and other less traditional and less conservative groups likely will not.

6) May someone join the Order who is not a practicing Christian, that is, one who does accept and follow Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour?
No. There are plenty of other non-Christian organizations that this individual can involve himself in. However he may still be considered a friend of the Order he is participates in some of the charitable work of the Order. But he must realize that the central part of this charity is evangelizing. As of yet, there is no official recognition for a ‘Friend of the Order”.

7) What happens if someone wants to become a member, meets all the membership requirements, except for the annual oblation fee?
This person should not assume their ineligibility for membership right away.  The constitution of the Order allows for any member or postulant to ask the permission of the Grand Prior or Grand Master if no Grand Prior exists to be exempt from their oblation fee if there is a good reason for them not being able to pay it. It should be said that the Order often tries to adjust its annual membership fees to reflect the situation of its members.

8) May a woman become a knight in the Order?
No, but she may still be a full member in her own right. She will not be referred to as a knight but as a ‘Lady of the Rose’.

9) Does geographical location in any way prohibit one from joining the Order?
No, so long as they meet the membership requirements. Even if there is no current Grand Priory, Priory, or Chapter where the applicant resides, he may still join and is considered to be the sole member of the subsequent Chapter, Priory, or Grant Priory if none is in his locality.

10) What languages does the Order communicate in?
The Order may communicate in different languages depending on where it is found. However, English is the official language of the Order and the working language the Order primarily uses. At this stage in the Order’s growth, people who do not speak English may find it difficult to communicate with others in the Order. The Order uses a little Latin for mottoes as Latin is the proper language for heraldry.

11) Who should I contact to join the Order?
You should contact the Grand Prior of where you reside. Please check the ‘officers’ section of this web site. If there is no Grand Priory where you are located, please contact the Grand Master.

12) What benefit do I get from being in the Order?
This question shows that you are probably not ready to join the Order. The real question for those who join should be "What benefit do I give from being in the Order?".

Office of the Grand Master - Knights of the Rose, P.O. Box 3423, Ft. Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada T8L 2T4,(780)992-7248

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